The Interaction Way

Interaction transforms performance by building attitudinal intelligence (AQ) in organizations and raising our clients’ AQ. Attitudinal Intelligence™ (AQ™) is a cutting-edge methodology rooted in the major psychological breakthroughs of the last hundred years. It recognizes attitude as the primary force that drives behaviour, emotion and results, and addresses its deep-rooted causes.

Attitudinal Intelligence™ delivers the ‘practical wisdom’ that is much needed in business these days and enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things in challenging situations. We partner our clients to accomplish outstanding results by developing their AQ and providing long-lasting solutions to their challenges.

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Articles and Papers

For a more comprehensive understanding of particular issues we address, select from our PDF articles below.

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Attitudinal Intelligence
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The Big Interaction

The Big Interaction

There are two big interactions that every organization must engage with to achieve outstanding results.

The first is the connection between three areas: individuals (self), their relationships (others) and the business (context). How these areas interact and affect one another is mostly overlooked. They are approached in isolation, which limits performance and results significantly.

The second is the relationship individuals and organizations have with unexpected events and situations. This interaction is rarely addressed.

Through Attitudinal Intelligence™ we teach our clients to unleash the power of choosing proactive attitudes in these interactions to perform at their best. Watch Video »